On-demand IT resource delivery

At Reis Informatica, we own and operate a private cloud system from a fortified data centre. This results in reliable and fault-tolerant power and data line backups for your organization.

We also use a wide range of public cloud systems that enable you to access vast computing power when you need it. Move your in-house email to the cloud with Office365, or get a Windows cloud application for your Mac. Everything is possible.

Exceptional benefits

If you’re new to cloud services, here are the key advantages:

  • Reduced costs Cloud computing reduces the capital and operating costs you put into purchasing and maintaining physical hardware.
  • Reduced risk The cloud offers you data redundancy and accessibility, so there’s less chance you’ll experience costly downtime.
  • Enhanced efficiency Access your data quickly and easily from anywhere — whether you’re travelling, visiting a client, or working from home.
  • More value, for free Updates to cloud computing services are sometimes available at no additional cost.
  • Data protection The cloud protects your data in secure local and off-site data centres.
  • Improved user support Your cloud services include technical support from a team of senior experts, at your fingertips.

Learn more about how our cloud services can benefit your organization.