Your Cyber Security plan is no longer good enough

Protecting your business, your data, and your livelihood from disasters such as data corruption, fires, and floods have been the traditional mandate for IT professionals. But it isn’t any longer. It’s just not enough. There is an incredible amount of people out to destroy your business and steal your money and data, as well as to launch attacks against you or your clients, family, and friends.

More than ever, it’s crucially essential to defend your business from cyber-attacks and build a fortress to guard and protect it. Traditional Cyber defenses no longer work. What was acceptable even just six months ago is no longer sufficient to protect you from cyber threats.

A complete re-think on protecting your business is now required. It is the reason why Reis Informatica has invested heavily in developing our own Security Operations Centre.

Our ManagedCare: SecurityPlus is a SOC as a Service, a fancy way of saying that you are getting a state of the art Cyber Security Department, with all the talent, processes, tool stacks, and worldwide locations to protect your business for a fraction of the cost it takes to do it yourself.

Our services include:

24×7 monitoring by our offices worldwide
Reis Informatica does not outsource our operations to 3rd parties. We maintain our own three offices worldwide in Canada, Portugal, and Malaysia. Our processes, policies, and people.
Log Analysis
. We collect logs from network devices and servers to analyze them and search them for possible anomalies.
Hunting for hacker footholds
. Antivirus systems don’t always work well. We have systems that continuously scan your system for possible hacker footholds in your networks. When we discover something that doesn’t look right, we will investigate it to determine if we need to leave it or sanitize the foothold.
Incident Response
. We will identify, minimize damage, and reduce cyber-attack costs while finding and fixing the cause to prevent future attacks.
Endpoint visibility
Beyond traditional antivirus systems.
. Behavioural-based detection looks for things that are not-quite-right, and then we act on it to investigate the anomaly.
Threat detection
. Using machine and human elements, we analyze thousands of events in real-time, across your network. Even companies adopting a Work-From-Home policy will hugely benefit as the security travels with the remote computers.

Protect everything you built

From risk assessments to disaster recovery, we have you covered with a process that works:

Worldwide, follow-the-sun monitoring

Get the service you need at any time, day or night, from our offices in Canada, Malaysia, and Portugal. It’s coverage unlike any other.

Choose from 2 solutions

Customized plan

Get cyber security that reflects your organization’s unique needs. We’ll help you assess and prioritize those needs if you’re not sure where your network is most vulnerable.

This package is tailored to your operations.

Security Plus

This is the gold standard in cyber security care. S3NT3N3L is a full-service, managed detection and response system that uses layered security.

It’s the best approach to protecting yourself from hackers. Reduce the risk of criminal activity on your computer networks.

Learn more about how our cyber security services can benefit your organization.